How To Pick Up Girls at the Grocery Store

Hot Chick Grocery StoreThe grocery store is one of the most underrated places to meet women, because it’s not thought of as a social venue. But take it from yours truly, the market can yield an absolute treasure trove of dates and hookups.

Keep in mind, the grocery store – for the most part – requires day game. This means you have to pace yourself, and be very casual and indirect. Girls are there for a purpose, and it isn’t to meet guys; it’s to get their shopping done. But by no means does that mean they won’t be open to conversation. It’s just that the conversation can’t be as targeted and purposeful as when you approach a girl in, say, a bar, where she’s expecting to get hit on.

Here are some tips to picking up women at the grocery store.

Proximity Theory

First of all, if you meet a woman at your local market, chances are she lives nearby. So not only might you have seen her there before – and are likely to see her again – but people genuinely tend to want to date those they live closer to, and thus see more often. According to the psychology of attraction, physical proximity increases the attractiveness of a person as a result of continuous contact. This explains why coworkers and co-ed roommates so often end up hooking up and dating – just by seeing someone over and over, you start thinking about them more and more in that way. So the fact that you and grocery girl are shopping at the same place gives you an immediate advantage.

grocery girlShared Interests

Just the same as if you met a girl at church or a yoga class, the very fact that you’re both there means you have something in common. In this case, it’s probably cooking. Even if you’re just there to pick up some Top Ramen and toilet paper, you can still fake an interest in the culinary arts long enough to strike up a conversation.

Pace Yourself

There’s no need to rush into hitting on women at the store. It’s a very relaxed environment: everyone’s strolling around, perusing products, Hootie and the Blowfish playing softly from the ceiling speakers…absorb that energy and take it slow. When you spot a cute girl, wait a little while to make your move. Chances are, you’re going to see her again as you both make your way through the maze of aisles. If she’s already seen you pass by and throw nothing more than a polite smile her way, she’ll be less guarded and more receptive when you talk to her the next time your paths cross.

jerry seinfeld

Pick Your Spots

Certain sections of the grocery store are more conducive to picking up women than others. As Jerry Seinfeld once explained to George about a supermarket conquest regarding where he made his move: ”Produce section. Very provocative area. A lot of melons and shapes. Everyone’s squeezing and smelling…” Oh, wise Jerry. He’s absolutely right – the produce section screams: natural, organic, fresh! Psychologically, this is much more appealing than introducing the idea of romance standing next to rows of kitty litter or cleaning products.

The Initiation

Hitting on a girl is extremely situation-dependent, and you’d be a fool to believe me if I told you there were surefire lines that guaranteed you success in a grocery store, or anywhere else. I can’t tell you exactly what to say. But I can suggest using the information available to you in your environment. If you see a hottie trying to decide on a wine, tell her the Pinot Noir in her hand is decent, but this one is much better. Or grab one of the free recipe cards many deli sections provide and humbly confess you have no idea what pancetta is, but you need it for a dish you’re attempting to make for a dinner party – does she know where you should look? She’ll be impressed that you’re a) trying to become a better cook, and b) that you have enough friends to host a dinner party. You might even be able to parlay that into an invitation! (In which case, you may actually have to throw a dinner party.)

Couple flirting in grocery store

If you take anything away from this article, just keep in mind that the grocery store is much more than a necessary stop on your list of errands. It is a rich, colorful, positive environment full of possibilities, a place every woman frequents often. With a little practice, you can start picking up chicks along with your chicken.

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